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Friends: Behind The Curtains
This website gives you the chance to get to know the friends tv sitcom in many ways. You can download any thing from sound files to scripts.

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The begining of FRIENDS
We appolagise for any inconvience as this website is still being built.This isn't a single far - flung corner of the Earth you can go where people haven't heard of friends. Launched six years ago in the states, it's turned from a mere sitcom into a true entertainment phenomenon.

In 1993, tv producers Marta Kauffman and David Crane began working on an idea for a sitcom based around the lives of six friends. At the same time Matthew Perry and a pal submitted a script for a show called Maxwell's House, which featured similar relationships. The producers were impressed, decided to cast Mathew in the role of Chandler... and that's how Friends was born!

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How the actors and actresses got their roles.
Once the pilot had began - entitled Friends Like These - had been given the green light by the men in suits at top TV channel NBC, the hunt was on for five young actors to fill the shoes of Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Joey and Ross.

Originaly the part for Monica was read by Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox for the part as Rachel Karen Green but Jennifer used her persuasive charms to secure the part she wanted. After Courtney ended up auditioning for the part as Monica and Jennifer auditioned for the part of Rachel but in the end the judges made there choices. Lisa Kudrow was then selected to play the part as Phoebe (famous for her songs especially "smelly cat") and so did David Schwimmer get the part for Ross and Matt Le Blanc got the part for Joey.

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