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The Friends Mega Quiz:

Welcome to the friends mega quiz to test your brains out

Which friend are you most like and which would be your perfect date? Answer our searching questions to discover your soul - mate...
More quiz,s are to come yetThe quiz,s will be made as soon as possible that's if you have a little patients.

questions 1 - 5
1. you're at a party and you see someone lick a canape and place it back on the plate. Would you...
a. scream loudly, run over and empty every plate into the garbage to make sure you got the right one?
b. think it's a ritual, go and lick another one and put it back?
c. try and find someone to advise you on what to do?

2. in a cafe you see a member of the opposite sex you fancy. do you...
a. saunter up and say,hi do you want to make up the sexiest coupling in the place?
b. go across and say, you've got a milk moustache, let me wash it off for you...
c. decide they couldn't possibly fancy you because you're too fat, ugly, stupid?

3. you offer to do the laundry for a friend and, while it's in the machine, you nip off to buy some chocolate. when you return you discover the clothes are missing. do you...
a. go out, buy a whole new set of clothes and jump on them to make them look well worn?
b. follow a guy who's got two biging bags and get arrested for stalking?
c. go home and pretend the washing is still in the laundry having a service wash while you figure out what to do?

4. all your friends are going out to a brilliant new club but they haven't told one member of the group who they find really annoying. The friend rings you and asks if you want to go out for a pizza the same night. Do you...
a. invite them to the club but on another night then pretend they must have got the date wrong?
b. tell them you can't because your'e having all your teeth out?
c. feel really sorry for them, agree to go out and miss the club you've been looking forward to?

5. it's christmas and you want to spend it alone with your new lover who your friends don't approve of. Do you...
a. tell all your friends you're going for a two week holiday in the caribbean so you cant do the christmas thing - then stay home?
b. tell your friends how much you love them , give them loads of presents then tell the truth?
c. invite your friends for christmas hoping they won't want to come?

Mostly A,s
Women - You are so like Monica
Men - You are so like Joey

Mostly B,s
Women - You are so like Phoebe
Men - You are so like Chandler

Mostly C,s
Women - You are so like Rachel
Men - You are so like Ross


Red Dwarf

All pokeing ugly naked guy

Friends playing football