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This page is more information about friends although most of it is about guests:

Here are some of the guests that have appeared in friends:
Jean Claude Van Dam
Julia Roberts
Charlton Heston
Charlie Sheen
Tom Selleck
Ralph Loren
Maggie Wheeler
Jane Sibbett
James Michael Tyler
David Arquette
Helen Baxendale
Elliot Gould
Brook Shields
Isabella Rossellini
Marta Kauffman
David Crane
Chris Isaak
Penn Jillette
Amber Smith
Jennifer Saunders
Tom Conte
Ben Stiller

More names are yet to come!!!

Julia Roberts:
Julia Roberts was one of the many guests in friends as an old school mate who wants revenge in The One With The Superbowl Part II.

Another friends guest:
Rachel's mmother was another guest in friends twice as well as her dad.